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This HMO’s apple icon was not necessarily a unique one in the industry. What JDKMCM did, however, was distinguish this apple from all the others through a figurative approach on the cover and then through the pages of the capabilities brochure, noting its previous success as a Detroit-based company and then with the esteemed Carolinas Healthcare System.
Companies throughout the Charlotte metro area whose employees could benefit from Wellness’s benefits.


In Health There's Wellness.


Welcome to Wellness.

You know the old saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away?" At The Wellness Plan of North Carolina, we've taken that advice both figuratively and literally.

As you can see, we're a managed care company that uses an apple symbolically to represent our organization. But the idea of preventive medical care -- ways in which we can all "keep the doctor away" is at the heart of what we do. And it's what we've been doing longer than just about anyone else, with managed care programs dating back to 1969.

After meeting the needs of Detroit policyholders for over 25 years, The Wellness Plan sought to expand its popular programs and services to other markets. And serving the Carolinas presented the exciting opportunity to affiliate with the comprehensive and broad-based Carolinas HealthCare System.

With CHS we have a strategic partner with a long range vision for community-based health care delivery, a nucleus of over 400 physicians and eight hospitals from which our network is built, and hospital and health care provider alliances throughout North and South Carolina.

A Well-To-Do List of Benefits and Programs.

The Wellness Plan manages affordable and accessible health care benefits for as few as one (sole proprietorship) or for as many as 1,001…and more. Our full continuum of managed care products includes:
WellCare ... Our HMO plans provide the highest level of cost control. Care is coordinated through a chosen Primary Care Physician offering low, out- of-pocket cost.

WellChoice ... Our Point-of- Service (POS) plans provide members with comprehensive benefits offered in our HMO plans, but allows members to seek care outside our network at a higher out-of-pocket cost.

WellPreferred ... Our Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans carry fewer restrictions than the HMO; members selecting doctors from within the preferred provider network have lower out-of-pocket costs than those who go outside.

The Wellness Plan of North Carolina focuses on keeping you and your family well. And treating you well hen you're not.

Highlights of our services include:
• Doctor's office visits
• Physical examinations
• Pediatric care
• Maternal and women's health care
• Specialist referrals and treatment
• Hospital care
• 24-hour medical assistance
• Laboratory tests
• X-rays
• Emergency care ... anywhere
• Nutrition services
• Health education

Popular Wellness programs include such broad-appeal subjects as:
Newborn education
Smoking cessation
High blood pressure education
Nutrition and weight control
Diabetes education
Stress management
A Well-Balanced Overview.

The Wellness Plan of North Carolina is owned and operated by Carolinas HealthCare System and The Wellness Plan, a Michigan-based HMO. The Plan proudly works in. conjunction with a comprehensive, culturally diverse network of providers throughout the Metrolina region. The hospitals and providers of Carolinas HealthCare System are supplemented with key community physicians.

The Wellness Plan of North Carolina is managed locally by professionals with more than 125 years of combined experience and 150 years of health care experience. All functions of the HMO are similarly local, including member services, claims processing, provider relations and data entry. The management information system used by The Wellness Plan is AMISYS, the most advanced MIS in the industry.

The Wellness Plan of North Carolina is committed to not only meet but exceed all member expectations with standards for quality of care and service as estab- lished by the independent industry watch dog, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Some Well Made Points

How do you prove that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away?"

At The Wellness Plan, we are committed to delivering quality health care services that are measurable and continuously improving so we can meet our participants’ needs.

What's more, our ability to achieve a medical cost advantage stems from our success designing networks within the health care system that provide members with access to quality care at competitive costs.

Among our management strategies:

• We make sure medical services and facilities are readily accessible through fundamental criteria like travel distance to primary care physicians, appointment accessibility, admitting privileges at network hospitals and 24-hour availability (the latter supplemented by a local Health Advice Line offering members an opportunity to seek professional answers to health questions virtually anytime).
• Quarterly reports allow us to provide individual PCP's with information on their practice procedures, comparing them to market trends for quality improvement and cost effectiveness.
• The Wellness Plan utilizes data on proven advances in medical technology, provided by Carolinas HealthCare System, to improve the quality of health care for our members while managing the cost of expensive technologies.

You Would be Well-Advised to Join Us

If health care can be a complex subject, especially when evidenced by the growing number of health care organizations and a dizzying array of new plans, products and services from which an employer must choose. That's where local experience and a broad support network become essential factors in discerning the best health organization for your organization.

The Wellness Plan of North Carolina. Nothing's more satisfying than the good that comes from a home-grown apple.

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