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Stephen Wall is a Buyer Broker realtor, which means he represents the buyer as opposed to the seller of a property.  The idea in his brochure was to make that distinction, which is rarely if ever explained in industry promotional literature.  This helps to further distinguish him from his competition.


Anyone looking for a home, rather than selling one.  Especially appeals to corporate individuals, having been transferred to Charlotte.



“Unlike the traditional agent who represents the seller, a Buyer Broker acts as your advocate…”


“…Helping find the home you want, then negotiating the lowest possible price.”



Welcome to a Buyers Market.


The quote, above, is from Money Magazine, which also said “You save big bucks by hiring a Buyer Broker.”

Whether it’s called Buyer Broker or Buyer Agent, it means only good things for you, the homebuyer.

Hi, I’m Stephen Wall, and I am a REALTOR, broker and Buyer Agent for First Charlotte Properties, one of the oldest and most respected real estate companies in the  Queen City .  First Charlotte has been helping folks settle into their new surroundings in and around town for over twenty-five years.

Our enviable history doesn’t mean we’ve forsaken contemporary trends and new approaches in our industry.  The concept of a Buyer Agent has only been around a relatively short time.  It’s a concept that impresses not only the media, but today’s homebuyers as well.


It’s Buy-Buy, Win-Win.

Here’s the basic difference between a traditional real estate (listing) agent’s responsibilities and those of a Buyer Agent:

The former represents the home seller, exercising all efforts to protect the seller’s interests by obtaining the highest price possible for the property.  The Buyer Agent, on the other hand, seeks the ideal home (existing construction or new), negotiates the best price on that property on behalf of the buyer and facilitates the transaction from start to finish. 

Here’s the best part – there is no additional fee for my services.  In fact, since the home-purchasing transaction is ultimately geared toward paying the home seller, my fee is derived from that same transaction.  So, not only am I providing an efficient and effective method for selecting and purchasing real estate, there is no added cost to my buyer client for my services. 

More reasons to go with a Buyer Agent?

According to the Real Estate Buyer’s Council, consumers working with Buyer Agents find their home one week faster.  And US Sprint reports that studies indicate Buyer Agents save 5% off the asking price over traditional real estate agents.


Your Own Kingdom in the Queen City.

Charlotte, one of the New South’s truly great cities, is perennially ranked as one of the best places in the nation to live.  Year-round moderate weather, an inviting climate for business, cultural, sports and recreational activities to rival its megalopolis cousins up north; and now the home of one of the world’s great culinary institutions, Charlotte is a dream city for those who can indeed live out their dreams.

As a native North Carolinian and a Charlotte resident for ten years, I’ve come to know all that the Queen City can lavish upon you and your family in terms of her beautiful urban core, neighborhoods, lakesides and even rural surroundings.  Also, the mountains and beaches are easily accessible.

I’ve come to know very competent mortgage lenders, real estate attorneys, inspectors, insurance providers, contractors and the like to help facilitate the transaction.  You will have access to the most recent financial products and professional services in the real estate community.  I surround myself with competent professionals with excellent reputations.

When I’ve come to know your tastes and lifestyle, I will be able to show you the exact properties that fit your criteria.  If business or personal deadlines have you in a hurry to make that choice quickly, I can accommodate.

So, if you agree that utilizing a Buyer Agent to help find your new Charlotte home is the best way to get going…let’s get going.


Stephen Wall received his MBA from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.  His under-graduate studies were at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida where he received a BS degree in Aeronautical Science.  He has worked as a flight instructor and corporate pilot. Stephen was also a stockbroker and an executive search consultant in the securities industry before entering the real estate industry.

Check out his website, below, for further information on Stephen, First Charlotte Properties…and the ways in which they can help you realize your real estate goals.

Stephen Wall, ABR


First Charlotte Properties

1361 E. Morehead Street

Charlotte, NC 28204

Direct: 704.374.1245

Cell: 704.763.7637

Fax: 704.374.1251


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