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Rapid Tax is, like H&R Block, Liberty Tax and others, a walk-in tax preparation company.  Unlike the others, however, we wanted to show the more “human” side to the decision-making that determines a visit to one of these firms.  They can make the tax visit less “taxing” by seeing a customer more quickly, more efficiently, while providing year-round services.


Those who can’t afford either the time or money to engage the services of a CPA.  There is a “neighborhood” quality to the Rapid Tax office and the people who work there, as well.



Because you’ve got better things to do with your time than file your taxes…


…Rapid Tax centers make it fast, easy and convenient to see a Rapid Tax specialist for all your tax preparation and consulting needs.

Whether you’re filing taxes for the family or for your business, a nearby Rapid Tax specialist will keep your time in mind as well as your tax-related obligations.

You never need to make an appointment.  With eight locations throughout  Charlotte and the metropolitan area, just stop right in to the Rapid Tax center nearest you.  Our professionally trained staff offers preparation of all federal, state and local tax returns…while looking for helpful ways to increase your chances for a greater refund through overlooked deductions.

We are experienced in preparing personal income returns, which can include self- employment and rental income plus corporate, partnership and LLC.

And with electronic filing gaining in customer popularity, Rapid Tax is happy to file this way on your behalf.  (Statistics have proved that e-filing is even safer and more accurate than traditional postal service mail!)   It’s definitely the fastest way to receive a refund. If you qualify, you could get a Rapid Tax refund in as little as 24 hours.

But Rapid Tax isn’t only about tax preparation.

Our tax consultation services allow you to tap into our expertise throughout the year for all your tax-related questions regarding quarterly payments; business implications for newly incorporated as well as already established firms; rental properties; stock options; children and other dependents; retirement and estate planning, and more.

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Electronic filing

Direct deposit

Refund Anticipation Loans

All state returns

Public education seminars

Year-round customer service

Individual, partnership and corporation returns,

including: EITC; child tax credit; education credit;

itemized deductions; rental property; business

income and expenses

Back Cover:

Why a Duck?

Back in 1989 when Marshall Lowery, founder and CEO of Rapid Tax, was first looking for a symbol to represent his tax preparation company, he came across a picture of a duck on skates.  It was cute, but to  Marshall this character represented something more spiritual.

He reasoned that when ducks cross a pond, they look calm and at peace…but are meanwhile paddling like crazy under the surface.  And after all,  Marshall’s business was all about providing a professional service through a calming demeanor yet with confidence and integrity.  What his customers didn’t see at the time was his efforts behind the scenes to make it all work by “paddling like crazy.”

Our skating duck is still a conversation piece today, and one we hope continues to have folks talking about the benefits of doing business with Rapid Tax.

Rapid Tax
704-598-2259 Main Number
Branches in Charlotte, Cornelius, Salisbury, Albemarle, Statesville, Moorseville, Hickory


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