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To introduce Peter Arnold as an investment counselor with a unique message: his unbiased approach to providing sound advice to his clients.  Equally unique was the decision to alter the traditional format by using a Question/Answer approach, making Peter less stodgy and more accessible to his clients and prospects.


Individuals and families looking for financial and investment advice from an independent, non-brokerage oriented professional.





At PRA Investment Counsel,

The Uns Have It.

A Q&A with Peter Arnold of PRA Investment Counsel, Inc.

Q:  What do you mean you’re “unbiased?”

A:  I mean that I provide completely objective investment advice.

I have no contractual or implicit obligation with any brokerage house, bank or financial institution to employ their products in client portfolios.

People work hard for their money.  I work hard to make sure it’s invested wisely and in accordance with their best interests.   I can provide more personal service this way.  Plus, at PRA Investment Counsel, we’re the decision maker.  Your personal information isn’t keypunched into a system and sent through some bureaucratic maze.   Then it ends up with some nameless person, whom you’ll never meet responsible for your portfolio decisions at the home office somewhere in Dubuque.

Q:  You got a problem with Dubuque

A:  Only in the winter.

Q:  So what’s your portfolio strategy?

A:  I don’t make “cookie-cutter” recommendations.  Everyone has unique needs and unique goals for their investment dollars.  I believe in a customized asset allocation strategy.  One where a diversified mix of stocks, bonds and mutual funds are hand-picked to meet specific targets.

Q:  Then what – you walk away, rest on your “picks” and eat bon-bons?

A:  I try to walk away from bon-bons.  But I don’t walk away from my clients. 

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At PRA, we continually monitor the performance of the portfolio.  In response to changing economic events, market performances and client circumstances we make recommendations and take corrective actions.

The investment process is never ending and requires modification on an ongoing basis.  This way, we attempt to maximize returns and preserve overall wealth by protecting against sharp portfolio declines.

Q:  And who monitors you?

A:  A document we developed called the Investment Policy Statement.  It’s a personalized contract between PRA and our client that holds us accountable by governing how we perform in accordance with the client’s targeted strategies.

Q:  Sounds like you’re pretty buttoned-up and attentive to your clients’ needs.

A:  It’s like maintaining a car.  To keep the vehicle humming along, people seek out a good, professionally trained and reliable mechanic. 

It’s no different with an investment adviser.  That relationship – and it should be a relationship, just as with a mechanic – must be built on trust and confidence.

And, of course, sound know-how in making sure the client’s investment is well monitored and maintained.

At PRA, we even have periodic “check ups” to fine-tune your investment portfolio.  We schedule a quarterly meeting to address any client concerns and review the portfolio’s performance over the previous quarter. 

Q:  I like the car analogy…..But a car depreciates –

A:  -- And the challenge of a good investment adviser is to make sure that doesn’t happen to the client’s investments.

Q:  So just what makes you “good?”

A:  In addition to my many years experience as a salaried professional in the corporate financial services sector as well as president of my own firm, PRA Investment Counsel, Inc., I have successfully completed my studies for the CFA designation.

Q:  “CFA?”

A:  Chartered Financial Analyst.  Since 1963, the CFA has become known as the designation of professional excellence within the global investment community.

More than 100,000 investment professionals from over 150 nations enrolled in this past year’s examinations.  But only a select few ultimately achieve it.

Q:  One more question – how do you get compensated?  Commission, or some exorbitant fee?

A:  Fee Only.  We’re compensated based on a percentage of assets under management on a quarterly basis.  This removes any potential conflict of interest.  We have no incentive to act in any way that may be detrimental to the overall position and performance of the client. 

This is unlike a commissioned adviser who may put client funds in assets that have no right being part of the client’s overall portfolio yet provide an additional revenue stream for the commissioned adviser.

Under this arrangement, our clients may actually realize more in earnings…when upfront commissions and similar payment structures are minimized.

Q:  Sounds like what you’ve got going for clients might be unfair for other advisers.

A:  Not unfair.



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