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This was the opus issue for periodic newsletters issued by this pediatric dentistry practice. Although the newsletter was conceived and designed by Shields Marketing of Charlotte, the articles were researched and written by Joel Kweskin. In a previous relationship with Dr. Moore’s practice, JDK Marketing Communications Management created a brochure and Pediatric Dentistry’s logo.


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A panther rules the pride at Pediatric Dentistry.

No, none of our city's pro football players is moonlighting as a dentist. Rather, the personification of that sleek ebony cat goes about his duties every day at the practice that he helped build and fashion into a parent and patient favorite.

"If I were an animal what would I be r' mused Dr. David H. Moore when posed the light hearted question. "A panther. He's strong, stylish and a survivor."
Well, we're not so sure about the survivor part, but Dr Moore indeed bears the stylish grace of the animal, along with its perceived assertiveness and confidence.

But there's a gentle, compassionate side, too, that is certainly more in keeping with his chosen profession.

"I became a pediatric dentist," Dr. Moore explained, "because in the dental fields, pediatric dentistry offers the greatest opportunity to impact an individual and family. Through education and both facial growth and development modification, we can impact changes which will be lifelong for the patient and significant for the family."

Dr. Moore's own impact began with his graduation from the North Carolina School of Dentistry. He completed his Master of Science degree as well as received a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Pediatric Dentistry from Ohio State University. He holds appointments to Carolinas Medical Centerand Presbyterian Hospital and is an adjunct professor for the North Carolina School of Dentistry, Department of Pediatric Dentistry.

When he manages to find recreational time, the thirty-eight-year-old laces up his running shoes and pounces panther-like into the world of competitive running.

"I have participated in over 30 marathons," he said, "and am still competitive at the local level in the 5K to half-marathon races."
He slows it down occasionally to play golf from spring through fall seasons, then gears it back up again for skiing in the winter.

Dr. David H. ("The 'H' stands for Holland") Moore is also an avid art collector and wine connoisseur.

He and wife Angela dote on a dog and two cats. The Eden, NC native's family otherwise extends to three younger brothers and a sister.

The next time you visit with us, please say hello to Dr. Moore. And don't worry, he doesn't bite. (He's more interested in your child's bites.)

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