Lonestar Industries

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This 80-plus-year-old Indianapolis-based manufacturer of cement and other building components was eager to present a new look and came to JDK Marketing Communications Management for its business-to-business campaign. The rationale here was to subliminally equate the history, tradition and lasting power of the Lone Star name (and its products) with a recognizable icon that also owes its existence to earthen “ware.”


Contractors, builders, municipalities.


How did we create a stronger, more durable, less permeable slag to stand the test of time?
We put our heads together.


It’s amazing what you can do with rock.

Blast it, chisel it away, and you’ve got an icon to rival the wonders of the world, past and present.

Or pulverize it along with other natural elements, then mix it with our unique AUCEM brand slag cement and you’ve got another wonder:

A catalyst for strength, durability and less permeabilty that will similarly stand the test of time.

AUCEM is suitable for use in concrete, ready mix and site-batched concrete paving; pre-cast concrete; concrete blocks and pipe; mortar and grout.

It’s ideal for marine, industrial and environmental engineering applications. It’s widely used in special treatments of concrete, including high strength lightweightmass and soil cementing. It’s resilient to ASR and sulfate attack, and does not significantly contribute to adverse air emissions.

At Lone Star Industries, where we manufacture AUCEM, we’ve been producing cement, ready-mix concrete and construction products since 1919.
(Mount Rushmore is younger by 22 years.) We’re continually researching and developing new ways to make our products worthy of an ever progressive and demanding society.

Can we help build something monumental for you?

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