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IRSI, Inc. provides environmental cleanup and consulting services around the globe through a uniquely designed vessel, the Matrix Constituent System. The MCS technology is an innovative, cost effective alternative to traditional thermal treatment equipment in the cleanup of hazardous waste. Our approach was to introduce the product with a pocket folder, with customized “call-out” illustration of the MCS and corporate philosophy, to give equity to the name “Recovery” by noting its superiority over more traditional “haul and burn” techniques.


Refineries; manufacturers and developers of waste-producing products; foreign governments; the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; land developers; others.


Ever since man first created primitive tools to cut, scrape, spike, dig, plow, move, drench and torch the earth, there has been an uneasy relationship between industry and our planet.

Yet even with the advances of science and an acknowledgement of consequential actions, industrial man continues to toe the cusp of hazards not only ecologic but economic.

But among the tools man also devised was the wheel. And the connotation of a wheel as a circle, representing an ongoing “return” to its starting point, has provided inspiration for an exciting new and innovative system process that promises a dynamic resolve to our industry’s issues with waste management.

Return. Renewal. Revitalization. And, of course, Recovery.

They’re all variations on a theme. And key to the focus and centerpiece of our company.

We’re Industrial Recovery Systems International, Inc.

And we’ve reinvented the wheel.Industrial Recovery Systems: Innovation in Action

Industrial Recovery Systems International is a Charlotte, NC, based waste management and recycling firm that offers an environment friendly yet scientifically sound solution for the remediation of contaminated lands.

Based on the concept of low temperature thermal desorption, IRSI’s “solution” is proven technology -- extensively field tested throughout the United States and selected countries around the globe -- successfully treating solid and semi-solid matrices impacted by a wide range of chemical contaminants.

The system’s most appealing feature, however, may be its cost-efficient nature. Its portable, mechanically simple modular design can be easily transported onsite to handle specific conditions.

The affected matter is treated locally by the system, eliminating costs associated with the transportation, treatment and disposal of contaminated materials. Without the need for transportation and a possible hazardous occurrence along the way, the risk for third-party liability suits is virtually eliminated.

This proprietary system can be applied to fixed based TSD facility installations; on-site end-of-pipe process waste treatment at manufacturing and refinery plants; remote project locations, and large and small Superfund and/or Brownsfield sites.

Although IRSI’s primary focus is on the remediation of chemically impacted soils, process wastes, sludges and oil exploration drill cuttings, we alsoconduct industrial decontamination and decommissioning (D&D) services.

In addition, we are a certified lead abatement contractor targeting building component replacement, enclosure systems, onsite and offsite paint removal, and soil removal or covering.

It’s our mission to provide high quality services and “proven-in-battle” solutions to specialized project applications.

And it’s our intention to remain a lean, technology-rich, field-oriented organization. This way, our highly experienced principals and staff can maintain a hands-on approach to ensure the successful implementation of every project that comes our way.

Industrial Recovery Systems International. Our name tells you what we can do. Let our experience show you.

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