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Dennis Toler, an independent CPA, devised the term “CFO to Go” ostensibly to help small to medium sized businesses run their business without being bogged down in the esoteric ins and outs of monitoring their own expenses and earnings, investment strategies and more. It may not be enough to simply enlist the services of a CPA only at tax time. JDKMCM elected to portray the “CFO to Go” as a visual pun, thereby injecting some lightness and approachability to Dennis’ role in a stereotypically sterile industry like business finances.


Businesses where the owner or office manager handles “the books,” a responsibility often beyond the ken and time of that individual to sufficiently devote himself to.


Need an experienced finance professional to help your business grow? (But don't want to hire full-time?) Call CFO to Go.


There’s more to managing your business finances than simple bookkeeping.

As a business owner, you’ve no doubt planned your operations to not merely compete in the marketplace, but succeed.

Success means profitability. Profitability means cash flow. Cash flow means analyzing sales, focusing on receivables and inventory, developing budgets and forecasts. If you’re serious about moving your business forward, at some point you’ll have to ask yourself: Am I or my staff capable of handling these responsibilities?

Bookkeeping and tax preparation are critical. But there’s more to “controlling” a business.

In fact, a controller may be just what is needed.

What if you could have just such an individual on board…analyzing business performance…forecasting income and cash flow…advising you on strategy and investment decisions…becoming your very own “business partner” in addition to providing conventional, comprehensive CPA services…freeing you up to concentrate on the part of the business you know best?

And the best part is, it’s part-time. You can use this finance professional’s services for as little or as long a period as needed.

Simply put, what if you could access the talents of a CPA with the industry experience of a CFO?

Introducing bottom line experience from a top of the line professional.

Dennis Toler offers the unique opportunity to individuals and small, growing businesses to take advantage of both his professional designation as a Certified Public Accountant and his experience as a Chief Financial Officer.

With more than 17 years of global industry experience, this seasoned professional combines “Big Five” accounting skills with practical business knowledge to assist companies – like yours – in achieving financial and operational objectives.

Dennis’s experience includes:
Financial Planning and Control
Budgeting, forecasting, strategic planning, cash management, operational and financial reporting, performance measurement, cost accounting, product profitability, best practices, benchmarking
Systems Implementation
Integrated systems implementations, IT resource management, project management
Asset Management
Working capital planning, AR management, capital appropriation planning
Mergers & Acquisitions
Valuations, due diligence, divestitures
Operational reviews, internal controls, process improvements
Leadership and Trust
An ethical, trusted manager and financial adviser
And much more.

Spending more time on accounting and supervision than on sales and marketing?

Confused about the “numbers,” then struggle to explain performance to your board or investors?

Need help with cash forecasting, working capital management, and investment decisions?

Looking to improve financial controls, utilizing budgets and forecasts?

Ever been a victim of fraud, requiring a controls review?

Contact Dennis Toler, CPA, PLLC, ASAP.

Dennis Toler is experienced in identifying and solving accounting and business problems, helping organizations grow and prosper, developing business finance remedies and modules, and best practices.

Clients benefit by receiving quality tax and accounting services with the added benefit of an experienced financial professional and business partner.

For references and a free preliminary consultation, contact:
Dennis D. Toler, CPA, PLLC
9930 Monroe Road
Suite 3
Matthews, NC 28105
Tel: 704.814.6700
Fax: 704.814.6732

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