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There are several medical supplies firms in the Charlotte metro area, at least one of which is national in its coverage.  When reviewing the marketing materials and websites of these firms, it was discerned that they are pretty much uniform in look and content -- catalog-like with many pictures of the products but with very little personality.  For Blue Dot, a recent start-up, JDK Marketing elected to reverse that procedure.  Kevin and George are Blue Dot; they even deliver the products themselves.  In this people's needs industry, we decided to create a more personality-driven approach.


Doctors; medical clinics staff and purchasing agents, and individuals in need.


Of course we stand behind our medical equipment and supplies…
We're the guys bringing them to you.


Why Blue Dot Medical?

As a locally owned and operated provider of in-home medical products to the Greater Charlotte area and its neighbors, we are committed to supplying patients with personalized service and the best equipment available.

It's our mission to make the delivery of your medical product to your home or facility not only hassle free but a fully satisfying experience.

In-Home Personal Care and Free Delivery.

We take pride in personally delivering the products to your home, not through some delivery service.  We check first at our exclusive distribution center to make sure the products work properly.  We then meet with you to make sure the product works properly.  Better yet - whether you're purchasing or renting - delivery, set-up, demonstration and follow-up is FREE.

And whether our relationship is through a medical clinic or with patients directly, we pride ourselves on our fast, efficient, patient focused approach.  Which ensures accountability for first time, correct delivery which you and your family deserve.

We Perform All Billing and Documentation Collection.
We gladly file your paperwork to Medicare, Medicaid or your private insurance, and collect your documentation from the ordering physician.

We Accept Assignment.
What does this cost you?  On most of our products when you have Medicare or Medicaid, we accept the allowable - not a penny more.

We Work with the Best, So we Can Deliver the Best.
Our wide selection of equipment and supplies includes Mobility products, like power and manual wheelchairs; Patient Room items like hospital beds, lift chairs and bedside commodes; Bath Aids and Home Diagnostic needs like shower chairs and benches, and grab bars.

Blue Dot Medical Equipment & Supply is proud to represent the products of such distinguished names as Pride, Drive, InvaCare, Sunrise Medical, Postura and Merits.

So if it's top-notch, in-home medical equipment and supplies you need…with personal professional service, quick response and quality attention to your every need…call on Blue Dot Medical Equipment & Supply.  We're just what the doctor ordered.

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